The following people have generously taken the time to tell their stories to the African American AIDS Activism Oral History Project. Transcripts are available for those narrators highlighted in blue.

  • Dr. Rashidah Abdul-Khabeer (formerly Hassan)
  • Wesley Wm. Anderson, Jr.
  • Rev. Leon Bacchues, Ph.D.
  • Chris Bartlett
  • Reginald T. Brown
  • Dr. Victoria Cargill
  • Fernando Cruz
  • Julie Davids
  • Jose Demarco
  • DiAna DiAna
  • Earl Driscoll
  • David Fair
  • Robert Fullilove, Ed.D.
  • Dr. Bambi Gaddist
  • Dr. Helene Gayle
  • Norman Green
  • Aundaray Guess
  • Roy Hayes
  • Michael Hinson
  • Dr. Amanda Houston-Hamilton
  • Cullen Hunter
  • Mark E. Johnson
  • Durell Knights
  • Kate Krauss
  • Dr. Kevin McGruder
  • Laura McTighe
  • Aaron Moses
  • The Hon. David Paterson
  • Robert Penn
  • Joey Pressley
  • Dr. Pernessa Seele
  • Waheedah Shabazz-El
  • Tyrone Smith
  • Val Sowell
  • The Hon. Louis Sullivan
  • Duncan Teague
  • Curtis Wadlington
  • Phill Wilson
  • Freddie Wright
  • Terence Young

Creative Commons License
African American AIDS Activism Oral History Project by Dan Royles is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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